Isabel Bures is working as a (video-)journalist, producing videos in consultation with her clients. The completed videos respectively the raw material are delivered via ftp server. BURES MEDIA is also researching independently, offering topics and material on its own. We possess our own full filmequipment, excellent contacts and language skills.
In a personal consultation we discuss your ideas, aims and their realization, in order to achieve an ideal audiovisual presentation of your company and generate high attention in your target group.

After viewing your place of location, BURES MEDIA will work out the fitting film concept for you, including the estimation of costs, production schedule and shooting script.

BURES MEDIA will realize the shooting after an ideal date at your location or the location of your choice.

If single elements or activities of your business cannot be filmed or you have additional pictures, we certainly accept and integrate other material in various digital media and formats.

If wished by you we underlie the film with the suitable music and secure the rights for copyright protected pieces. Our professional speakers can also provide an voice-over, if needed. On the base of the film script, in postproduction we will edit and produce your film in HD-quality. We will show you the completed film via web link, before you can download the material via ftp server.
Isabel Bures writes cinema script reports for filmproductions, -distributors and wordsalescompanies.